WA Heavy Vehicle Pilot Application Form

Heavy vehicle pilots play a key role in ensuring road safety and property protection in the movement of oversize and/or overmass (OSOM) loads. All heavy vehicle pilots operating in WA are required to obtain a WA Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence (HVPL).

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WA Agricultural Pilot Requirements Flow-chart

A pilot vehicle is required to accompany an oversize agricultural combination or agricultural machine when it exceeds certain dimensions.

The Agricultural Pilot Authorisation 2019 allows a person, known as an Agricultural Pilot, to drive a pilot vehicle when accompanying an oversize agricultural combination or agricultural machine, up to 8.5 m in width, without the need to hold a Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence.

An Agricultural Pilot is not a Heavy Vehicle Licensed Pilot and must comply with all the requirements outlined in the:

🚛 Did you know that any directions given by Heavy Vehicle Pilots and Traffic Escort Wardens are lawful and must be followed?

Heavy Vehicle Pilots and Traffic Escort Wardens accompany oversize and overmass (OSOM) vehicles travelling through our highways and byways, thus playing a critical role in ensuring the smooth and safe passage of oversized loads across the state.
Pilot vehicles are a common sight on our roads; however, you may not have encountered a Warden given they are only required when the OSOM vehicle and its load exceed 5.5 metres in width and/or 40 metres in length.
You might be wondering at this point, what’s the difference?
🟡 Pilot Vehicles are easily recognised by a large yellow reflective sign with the words “Oversize Load Ahead” on the roof as well as amber and white flashing warning lights.
🔴 Traffic Escort Vehicles have red and blue flashing lights on the roof and have “Traffic Escort” on both sides of the vehicle, with most vehicles also now displaying a blue and white sign with the words “Oversize Escort”.
🟡 Pilots are used to provide advanced warning to other road users that an oversize vehicle is approaching and to facilitate the safe movement of the oversize vehicles by directing traffic in their vicinity.
🔴 Wardens are responsible for the management of OSOM moves including preparing a journey management plan, submitting Green Light Corridor Requests, and conducting pre-movement safety and compliance checks in line with permit requirements.
So, if you see the flashing lights 🚨 of a Pilot or Traffic Escort Vehicle, slow down, move left, and be prepared to pull off the road and stop if necessary.
Remember, always follow directions given by Heavy Vehicle Pilots and Traffic Escort Wardens, as the directions are being given for your safety.
To learn more about Heavy Vehicle Pilots, Traffic Escort Wardens and how to share the road with Heavy Vehicles visit👉 https://www.mainroads.wa.gov.au/heavy…/news-industry/