South Australian Escorting Guidelines


Areas of the state where additional escorts are required

Additional police escorts may be required in areas to ensure the safe movement of oversize loads. These areas and routes include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Lonsdale to the north of the Adelaide Metropolitan Area
  • Marion Road / Sir Donald Bradman Drive
  • East of Truro through to Accommodation Hill
  • Gorge Road, between Ryan Avenue at Athelstone and Chain of Ponds
  • Victor Harbor Road, between Mount Compass and Welch Road, Hindmarsh Valley
  • Port River Expressway / Magazine Road at Dry Creek (to enable oversize vehicles to make a u-turn)
  • Goolwa Road, between Mount Compass and Alexandrina Road, Currency Creek.


South Australia
RavNet Mapping

  • Approved area maps
  • Restricted areas within SA
  • Preferred routes
  • Temporary road closures, detours and roadworks


Location SA Viewer

Use this Tool to locate all listed bridges in SA and obtain their maximum height underneath.

To Access go to:

  • Datasets, then select
  • Infrastructure and Utilities,
  • Transport,
  • Bridge Structure.


High Load Permit Application

  •  Complete and submit our  web form
  • We will assess the route you describe in your application to make sure your load can travel safely without making contact with our overhead infrastructure.
  • We will provide you our High Load Permit or contact you for more information.


Changes to SA Police and Pilot Escort Requirements for Oversize Loads in South Australia July2018


Daytime Escort Charts for Oversize Vehicles and Loads.

Escort pick up/drop off locations

Night Travel 

Convoy Travel