We recently had an Issue arise regarding Pilot’s being required to take note of all measurements recorded on the permit in WA.

A Compliance Officer asked why the Pilot had not measured Axle Widths/Spacings and other dimensions listed on the Permit.

Our Questions to Main Roads WA and their Response are attached below.

MRWA Letter & Response

Jan 2024
      We have been advised  that  authorised pilots have never had the authority to drive a vehicle through a red light in the course of their duties. This has not changed under the Main Roads Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence scheme. As a condition of the permit, the pilot is required to be in contact with the driver of the oversize vehicle  and if required, should request that the oversize vehicle be driven slowly or wait until the pilot vehicle is able to catch up. Allowing pilot vehicles to drive through a red light increases the safety risk for pilots and other road users. For known locations  on the planned  route where it is likely that an oversize vehicle and its pilot vehicle will not make it through a controlled intersection, an appropriate traffic escort plan should incorporate means to control or direct those relevant intersections. 
      Licences & Authorisation :-   This is an issue based on a misconception. The HVPL is not an authorisation to drive.  All pilots should  be aware that it is a requirement to carry your currrent MDL when undertaking the duties of a pilot and to produce it along with the HVPL when requested. The Gazettal process  has now changed and MRWA advised that previous gazettal of authorised name does not result in the continued authorisation when the HVPL licence expires.
      The key point here is that there is no maximum distance prescribed  between the escort and escorted load. The rear PV should always stop at red lights and the oversize load should pull over and wait if neccesary. All pilots should  be aware of this.



     In conjunction with Vicroads and the NPVDA we at the APVDA have been contacted by Vicroads to discuss and help implement a better     Piloting system for the movement of OSOM loads throughout Victoria. 
     The changes we are discussing will help to bring a system of Harmonisation between Victoria and Western Australia with regards to working the same system with minimal differences.
     Hopefully by doing this we can get other States and Territories to join and harmonise the system across Australia.


In November 2021 Main Roads announced a review of the Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence scheme.  The review will consider key areas including Training & Competency Assessment, the Pilot Code of Conduct, the Introduction of Standards for Audits, and Licensing,and will seek to identify improvements to reflect the needs of the current WA environment.

To assist Heavy Vehicle Services (HVS) undertake the review, a Pilot Licence Reference Group is being established to consider significant aspects and inform decisions.  To that end, HVS called for Expressions of Interest, which closed on 17 December 2021.  There was keen interest, and a large number were received.

The review will be led by an independent facilitator and it is envisaged meetings are scheduled to commence in March 2022.  Information about the progress of the group will be communicated via our Industry newsletter or via My Say Transport in due course.

After consideration, the following stakeholders have accepted the invitation to join the Pilot Licence Reference Group:

Name  &  Sector
Jack Collier                 Pilot
Maria King                   Manager
Lisa Redmond             Pilot and Agent
Guydon Boyle             Transport Operator Industry
Leesa Pegus               Pilot and Agent
Eric Vickers                 Industry Association
Matt Harston              Main Roads Traffic Escort Warden
George Foessel          Registered Training Organisation
Michael Dean             Community Representative
Western Roads Federation          Industry Association