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From the President's Desk
Hello once again fellow Members, 

    I recently attended a meeting and was allowed to participate in the robust dialogue pertaining to the response to the OSOM Review conducted by Pascall Felix of WSP. 
The main focus on this Workshop was to gain the feeling and have input from OSOM Operators in NSW to the intended re take of issuing of Class 1 Permits through the NHVR Portal.


    Somehow I was singled out for a personal chat with the Executive Director of Permit and Access of NHVR Peter Capriolli, our discussion included what would be likely to happen with the Pilot to Load Matrix across the (4) participating States.

He intimated that this had been started within the NHVR and would be fully working across sections within NHVR by next month with emphasis on some formal training and recognition either by accreditation to allow Pilots to have some level of ability to direct traffic in both NSW and SA. This has to be initiated by the separate Ministers of both States but is actually included in the OSOM review document and its recommendations. He gave me an intended time frame of 2.5 years for this to come to fruition.

    I have also been invited to attend the next meeting which is intended to occur within two to three months.

    Next Month I have an ongoing invitation to attend the Hunter Freight Group meeting where some of the RMS personnel will be present and Pilot issues are once again on the Agenda. RMS expressed interest in sending some senior personnel to experience the conflict and angst from the lack of education to the General Motoring Public and the hosting company of this workshop has invited them all to join both the trucks and or Pilots on a few large loads at night within the Hunter region to gain a personal feel for what actually goes on whilst on the open road. I appreciate this does not have a direct impact upon Western Australia but if the experience proves positive we may have a flow on effect to other States.


    I would like to encourage more involvement from members in the general running of the APVDA, we need all members to step up to the plate and help in the continuation and growth of the organisation. Facebook has been a great tool to help keep you updated with daily changes on the road and easy links to governmental changes also. If you find new things please pass them on to it@apvda.org.au so that they may be included in our posts and on our webpage for all Pilots, Escorts and Transport Operators.

    As you would all know my re-nomination and subsequent re-election for President this year is not going to be an ongoing thing. I would like to see more members step up to the plate and take on Executive positions. We are still looking for a Permanent Secretary/Treasurer, fortunately Ms Kerry Mannix has agreed to continue as acting secretary until such time.

    I would also like to thank those that have stepped up for the help I have received from a select few in achieving the outcomes we have managed regarding the determinations and clarifications of Pilot Issues throughout Australia thus far.


Jim Prentice